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AMH Online is the Australian Medicines Handbook accessed via your browser. An independent, evidence-based national drug reference, it is an important clinical resource for health practitioners concerned with the quality use of medicines. It offers concise, reliable and comprehensive information with easy-to-find comparative drug data allowing users to compare drugs and make informed prescribing choices. 

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Automatic content updates occur in January and July each year. AMH content is subject to a rolling review process, so in addition to major changes there are literally hundreds of minor revisions each update.

January 2015 update: AMH Online will now include smartphone access. 

Minimum requirements

AMH Online is for desktop, laptop, tablet computers and smartphones with internet access. We recommend using the latest version of your chosen browser.

Internet Explorer 8 or higher
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Chrome 38 or higher
Safari 5 or higher (Mac)
Recommended minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768

iPad iOS 4.1 or higher
Android 4.0 or higher; recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers 

iPhone iOS6 with Safari or Firefox browser
Android 4.0 or higher with Chrome or Firefox browser

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from January 1, 2015
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