Editorial Process

Producing reliable, up-to-date, comparative, practical publications covering most of the drugs marketed in Australia requires a long, complex editorial process. Our editorial team is committed to ensuring the information is safe and trustworthy and appropriate for Australian health professionals.

Research and preparation of content

Content may be updated for a number of reasons including new drug approvals, changes to product information, new evidence, and feedback from users and reviewers. The editor researches and collates information from the most reliable resources to prepare a draft document for internal review.

Review of content

Internal review

The draft document undergoes a series of reviews by other AMH editors until they are satisfied with the content.

External review

The draft document is sent to relevant specialists and practitioners, including members of the Editorial Advisory Committee, for their comments and feedback.

Incorporating comments

AMH editors collate relevant comments from reviewers and make necessary changes to the draft document.

Final review

The draft document is again internally reviewed and continues through this process until the editors are satisfied with the content.

Final approval

Depending on the nature of the change, the final draft is signed off by the Managing Editor, a Senior Editor or the Chairman of the Editorial Advisory Committee.


The final document is proofread and indexed by Senior Editors.


After incorporation into the relevant product master file, the content is readied for publication in book or electronic format by our production team.

For more information about our Editors see our People.