AMH Children’s Dosing Companion 2024 (Print)

The AMH Children’s Dosing Companion is Australia's national independent dosing guide for prescribing and administering medicines to children from birth to 18 years. 

The evidence-based and peer-reviewed content provides detailed dosing information to assist health care practitioners in hospital and community settings. Clearly written and concisely laid-out, it offers:

  • detailed dosing information for over 500 drugs 
  • drug monographs for over 90% of PBS paediatric prescribing in Australia 
  • detailed dosages by indications and by age groupings 
  • off-label uses
  • practical tips and other hard-to-find data on paediatric prescribing.

View a sample AMH Children’s Dosing Companion monograph.

ISBN  978 0 6458137 3 9


The print edition is a spiral-bound pocketbook, published with updated content each July. It can be ordered throughout the year.

Extra features are available with the online version of AMH Children’s Dosing Companion.

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