AMH Children's Dosing Companion — New edition

The July 2019 release of the book and online versions are available now. Changes include:

  • 15 new monographs compared to the 2018 edition
  • Following the update to the Australian Asthma Handbook, doses for managing acute severe asthma have been revised, as well as a review of doses across all asthma medications, including a new monograph for tiotropium
  • Warnings have been added to insulin lispro and insulin glargine following the availability of new insulin strengths other than 100 U/mL. As insulin is associated with medication errors with serious consequences, the CDC offers advice around safe use of these higher strength presentations of insulin
  • New advice regarding doxycycline use in children and its effects on staining teeth
  • New doses for tacrolimus in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, adalimumab for uveitis, tocilizumab for JIA

Numerous other changes ensure the Children’s Dosing Companion remains current and relevant to safe and effective medicines use in children.

AMH Aged Care Companion Online - April 2019 release

The AMH Aged Care Companion is our trusted, practical reference for doctors, nurses and pharmacists who work with older people. 

With every update, there are many changes to ensure the information remains current and relevant to the use of medicines in older people.

Changes in the April 2019 online release that may be of interest include updated information on atrial fibrillation, gout, herpes zoster (shingles), immunisation, open-angle glaucoma, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, perianal conditions and caring for ageing skin







Australian Medicines Handbook

The July 2019 release of the online version is available now. Some recent changes that may interest you include:

  • numerous new drugs, eg erenumab for migraine prevention, ertugliflozin for type 2 diabetes
  • newly revised therapeutic topics, eg chronic hepatitis B, asthma
  • updated drug safety information, including unusual adverse effects such as insulin autoimmune syndrome with clopidogrel and perineal necrotising fasciitis with SGLT2 inhibitors
  • more caution with insulins needed—another higher strength product is available

The summary of key changes (including all new and deleted drugs since the last update) is now accessible from the home page menu.


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