Single-User Licence

A Single-User Licence is available for any individual product or packaged products.

There are two user categories under the Single-User Licence: 

  • Business user
  • Personal user

A business user may install on/access the product from only one computer/device.  A business user is defined as any purchaser that is a company, organisation, government agency or other commercial entity.  More than one person may use the product on the selected computer/device.


A personal user may install on/access from up to two computers/devices. A personal user is defined as any purchaser that is a natural person and has purchased the product solely for his or her own personal use and will not make it available for use by any other person or business user. A personal user may only access the product on a single computer/device at any one time.

View the Single-User terms and conditions.

For more information on acquiring a Single-User Licence for any product, please contact us.